You're probably looking for Bardle, so let's go ahead and get that link out of the way. Thanks for playing!
About Shakespeare Geek

I am actually a programmer by trade, with over 30 years professional experience. If you're looking for me because you want to talk about that side of my life, you can find me on Linked In and Jobcase. I am not currently looking for new opportunities. But, as Bardle illustrates, I do like to dabble in the occasional side project.

If on the other hand you want to talk about Shakespeare, well, then, I'll talk your ear off. was started way back in 2005 because I couldn't find enough people to talk about Shakespeare with. I like to call it the "original" Shakespeare blog, because seriously, I went hunting for Shakespeare blogs. There weren't any. Until I came around.

Yes, I'm aware that saying blog is like saying MySpace, but I just can't bear to get rid of it. You write all the content for a site for 15 years and then think about shutting it down. It ain't easy, let me tell you. Whenever I have original artwork or photos (like when I attend a show), I go to Instagram.

You're far more likely to find me on Twitter or Facebook these days. I'd like to be more active on Instagram, but Shakespeare's really more about the text, if you ask me. I can't see throwing the text only a random piece of background clipart just so I can put it on Instagram.

Other Links

I wrote a book! Hear My Soul Speak : Shakespeare for Weddings is a collection of material from Shakespeare's work that can be used in all aspects of a wedding from what to say in the vows and the best man's toast to what to write in the guest book.

There's also merch! We got tired of seeing the same old Shakespeare jokes on t-shirts and decided to make a line of our own. Our stuff's focused on original material and inside jokes that only true Shakespeare fans are likely to get. If you're primarily looking for t-shirts (and similar clothing), I'm going to point you to Amazon. If you're looking for more random stuff - think stickers, mouse pads, tote bags, etc... - then I'm going to send you to Redbubble. I take requests!

One More Thing

If all else fails, and you just want to contact me directly, I'm happy to hear from you. Freel free to email me!

Thanks for reading this far, and have a nice day.